• NF2.1 Ask Input Within Process
  • NF2.1 Callout on Navigate
  • NF2.1 Configurable JasperPlugin
  • NF2.1 OSGi Factory for BankStatementMatcher
  • NF2.1 OSGi Factory for Replenishment


  • NF2.1 Account Kind
  • NF2.1 Country Group
  • NF2.1 DocAction Production
  • NF2.1 Ease Initial Client Setup
  • NF2.1 EMail Improvements
  • NF2.1 Improve Accounting Adjustment Periods
  • NF2.1 Invoice Not Realized Gain/Loss Fixes
  • NF2.1 Manual ASI
  • NF2.1 Min Amount For Create Invoices
  • NF2.1 Overshipment Support
  • NF2.1 Payment Selection Improvements
  • NF2.1 Recurring Run Automation
  • NF2.1 Tree Driven by Search Key


  • NF2.1 Configurable Info Login


  • NF2.1 Composite Keys
  • NF2.1 Configurable Timeout Session
  • NF2.1 Create Fields Improvement
  • NF2.1 Debian Installer
  • NF2.1 Model Cascade Delete
  • NF2.1 Monitor Information About Sessions
  • NF2.1 Process on Info Window
  • NF2.1 Restrict EMail To Single Address
  • NF2.1 Scheduler Variable Date Parameter
  • NF2.1 Toolbar and Tab Button

User Experience (Usability)(ユーザービリティ―に関する機能)

  • NF2.1 Close All Other
  • NF2.1 Configurable Status Line
  • NF2.1 Custom Homepage
  • NF2.1 Document Search on Menu Lookup
  • NF2.1 Import CSV Process
  • NF2.1 Import Template
  • NF2.1 InfoWindow Improvements
  • NF2.1 Last Run and Saved Parameters
  • NF2.1 Mail Signature And Images
  • NF2.1 Quick Info Widget
  • NF2.1 Run Report and Process as Job
  • NF2.1 Save Preferred Detail Size
  • NF2.1 Shortcuts To Ease Keyboard Entry
  • NF2.1 Tab Selection When Exporting CSV
  • NF2.1 Unaccented Menu Search
  • NF2.1 Zoom from RecordID in HTML Report
  • NF2.1 Zoom From URL