【iDempiere PJ Reports】iDempiere-Release11の更新情報

IDEMPIERE-5920:Scrollbar in reports(不具合修正)

  • ReportEngine

IDEMPIERE-5862:Move Always Updatable Payment Rule to Dictionary(機能改善)

  • マイグレーションスクリプトあり
  • GridField

IDEMPIERE-5813:Change Role must close session like Logout does(不具合修正)


IDEMPIERE-5812:Reversal of Material Receipt for a Closed PO leave quantity ordered of product in a bad state(不具合修正)

IDEMPIERE-5805:Dashboard Help Icon Produces Unwanted Network Requests(不具合修正)

  • lang-addon.xml
  • DashboardController
  • gadget.css.dsp

IDEMPIERE-5803:ESC Shortcut Closes Tab and Pop-up Window at Once(不具合修正)

IDEMPIERE-5802:Attribute Set Instance Dialog does not validates user's permittions(機能改善)


IDEMPIERE-5801:Process Modal Dialog overlapped with Info Window(不具合修正)

  • InfoPanel

IDEMPIERE-5785:Review of tables/columns that should/should not be logged(機能改善)

  • PO
  • マイグレーションスクリプトあり

IDEMPIERE-5743:Info Window: Add Optional Auto Collapsed Parameter Panel option(新機能)

  • マイグレーションスクリプトあり

IDEMPIERE-5732:Cache reset should happens after commit of transaction(不具合修正)


IDEMPIERE-5731:NPE when using Query.list() with a view(不具合修正)

IDEMPIERE-5730:Context is not parsed in exception-message logs thrown from processes(不具合修正)

IDEMPIERE-5683:Exception: NO Data found for Record_ID(不具合修正)

  • マイグレーションスクリプトあり

IDEMPIERE-5448: 2023 June Platform Update(機能改善)

  • Tycho 3.0.4

  • JDK 17

  • JUnit 5.9.1

  • Zk 9.6.4

  • Jetty 10.0.15

  • Eclipse 2023-03

  • org.bouncycastle 1.72

  • org.springframework 5.3.27


  • Eclipse 2022-09+ require junit 5.9.0+, iDempiere’s current target platform is with junit 5.8.1

  • Junit 5.9 Require Tycho 3+

  • Tycho 3+ require JDK17 as runtime

IDEMPIERE-1437:Copy Fields from other Tab - related to source table id(不具合修正)

  • マイグレーションスクリプトあり