【iDempiere PJ Reports】iDempiere 更新情報(2018年8月)

IDEMPIERE-3777:GL Journal different currencies in different lines doesn't post(不具合修正:Release-5.1)

  • Doc_GLJournal.java
  • MJournal.java

IDEMPIERE-3772:Favourites widget is not using correct icon for forms(不具合修正:Release-5.1)

  • DPFavourites.java

all stuff relate library of idempiere(機能改善:Release-5.1)

  • jasperreports-fonts-6.3.1.jarの追加

IDEMPIERE-2957 Account Combination mismatch between multiple orgs/schemas(不具合修正:Release-5.1)

  • WAccountEditor.java

IDEMPIERE-2442 Always using default conversion type in Order & Invoice window's amount summary information(不具合修正:Relase-5.1)

  • マイグレーションスクリプトのみ

IDEMPIERE-1643:Adding a status bar for FindWindow(機能改善:Release-5.1)

  • FindWindow.java

IDEMPIERE-1546:There is no OSGi interface for a PaymentExport(不具合修正:Release-5.1)

  • WPayPrint.java

IDEMPIERE-823:Zk: Improvement to payment Allocation form(機能改善:Release-5.1)

  • WAllocation.java

IDEMPIERE-310:JasperReport: Compilation of JRXML is broken(不具合修正:Release-5.1)

  • ReportStarter.java